How to model watch lugs in Autodesk inventor?

I am stuck with designing watch lugs ( A wristwatch project given by the tutor at school)

Particularly, the problem occurs when I want to create a lug like in the sample pictures.
I could not find a proper way to create an angled work plain to draw the lug model so that my hands are tied now :(

Any help and detailed explanation appreciated !

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Why not just ask your instructor. being an Instructor myself I would not turn any requests down. It's there job to teach,and its your job to learn what they teach.

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I would just draw the profile of the lugs on the right plane (verticals plane intersecting 6 and 12) and use the offset extrude.

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I would agree with Jeff here on his answer, but I know what it is like you just want to learn by your self sometime (( well most of the time, asking for help is always a last resort )) Stephen is also correct but there is a number of different methods you can use to do these lugs.
Here is a tutorial that Awp Harsh has all ready done for peps like your self on @ Watch Assembly (PDF With All Dimensions)
If you are still having problems let me know and I shall do a tutorial for you and one that will be very basic so you can follow the steps....
Also if you go and download watches from GrabCAD library and go through the steps they took to model the watch you shall learn a lot this way and that goes for other models as well....
I still download other peps models and go through the steps they took to model as you can and never know it all and this is a very good way of learning how to model @ the same time.
Good luck and you can let us know how you get on with your watch.

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Is there any video tutorial for designing case lugs.
Pro Engineer or solid works.
Needed detailed model tree or step by step proceeding of the model.

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