How to model WindDancer with different CAD packages?

A year ago I found this WindDancer and starter to think of making one myself. I posted a request if someone had a CAD file to here - Wind dancer

I think it's quite interesting Challenge to create a CAD model for this and I was thinking how different CAD softwares could handle it.

So It does not matter if you are using SolidWorks, Sketchup, Inventor, Creo it would be so interesting to see how you model this part.

If you add step by step tutorial how you would do it and we would have different tutorials for different softwares, it would be so interesting to see how different they really are?

Anyone up to challenge?

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To create model glass. However, shape of surfaces this model is not the same how from the WindDancer.

Answered with a tutorial:

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I have modelled the Wind Dancer in SolidWorks: Wind Dancer in SolidWorks

As I see it, each ring ('corona') is flat but bent to a different angle than its neighbors. This provides some nice reflections when the objects spins in the wind.

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what is the catch? cross section?
otherwise, just make sun and first two "circles" and then offset all edges of outer "circle" to get other "circles"...
again, what is the catch???

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1) model center, the sun's face, flat, with its "rays"
2) like Ivan says, just offset the edge of one of the "rays", the bow part at the end. extrude the whole thing to have thickness to the model. Follow with another copy, outwards, on another layer, until one radius is completely done from center to edge, with each band on a separate layer.
4) on each band(layer) of bows, copy the first bow in a circular array on that layer of bows. In some packages, this can be done with all layers active at once. The purpose of using different layers for each band around the piece is so that each band will be a separate object.
5) an animation of a piece like this, with each band twirling at different speeds and in opposite directions, would be very striking.

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