how to model wireframe object like this in solidworks or in pro-e

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oh boy. A lot of 3d print software packages will do that for you but to do that in Solidworks will not be an easy task. Your best bet is to model it as surfaces and then use 3d splines on those surfaces as sweep paths for a circle profile. Solidworks can automatically create curves on a surface model when you create a 3d sketch, select a surface then go to Tools>Sketch Tools>Face Curves. Problem with that method is that is only works for a single face.... Solidworks 2015 allows you to draw a 3d spline on-face now across multiple faces if you will be making the jump to 2015 when it is realease in sp0 soon.

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What program would you recommend? the 3D printing program I have does not do this trick... (up!Plus)
Would be very nice if I can input a 3D file either in .stl or .sldprt and select the resolution of the low poly and than just hit "generate" : )

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