How to move and contrain bodies in catia with axis system

I have 2 bodies in catia and if i try to constrain one onto other i get error from the sketches. I tried to make sketches isolated, tried different axis system etc.
Nothing seems to work.

additional info: when i copy pasted part body from another file to this part i got sketch error that i solved by changing the sketch support to current axis system, planes etc.
still got same error when i tried body constrain

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Dude sorry for saying this.
Your Methodology is not good. For editing purpose, you should go with boolen operations that would easy.

My doubt is why you want to constrain two bodies. can you please give some brief explanation about your question.

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Thanks i figured it out, i just pasted the body like a result and it worked
I needed it because the part i was working on has some of the same features as the other catpart so i figured i'd just copy paste body from that part, position it correctly and just combine the bodies

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I have the same problem but unfortunately I can't assemble the component to the product .
Could you please send me some document of how I can assemble the pieces through axis system on CATPart.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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