How to move sketch in unison in solidworks?

In SolidEdge I would use the move command... but how should I move a sketch in Solidworks without breaking it up?

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Try this:
in your sketch menu, there is the option Move Sketch (also: Tools>Sketch Tools>Move...). Now select all the entities of the sketch you wnat to move.
There are two ways you can translate sketches: filling in a distance value in the x or y direction, or 'from point to point'. This last option is great: if you need to move a sketch from its current position towards a point in the sketch that you have already made.
Example: you need the right top corner of a square to hit the left upper corner of your model: select the edge of your model which ends in the left upper corner, amd press Convert Entities (Tools>Sketch Tools>Convert Entities...) and now press OK. A line will appear which ends in the destination-point. Now select the sketch entities that need to move. Now Tools>Sketch Tools> Move... and click the from point to point option. Click the blue bar next to the yellow dot, and click on the right upper corner of the square. You will notice that this point will have a fat yellow dot behind it, and the sketch follows your mouse movement. Now click on the destination-point: the end point of the converted line, and there you go! It has been moved!
I always find that option so... moving...

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