how to open catia v5 file in catia v6

i am importing catia v5 file but it does not open in catia v6.

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may not operate; 1 - version status, originality
                             2.- The converter may be required for operation in catia v6.
                   In this regard, I would recommend using catia v6 as the shortest path

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If you are using pirated version of CATIA V6 then save and open options are not worked. So, I prefer use CATIA V5 instead of CATIA V6.

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Are you facing any error like...
"You need to define environment before doing this operation."
If not this error, you can even drag and drop a V5 file in V6 session.

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It is not possible to open a CATIA V5 part into V6 without first importing it. You need to use the Import->Catia file option or the FDBI batch utility to first get it all into the database.

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its very easy....first open v6 then go to the Infrastructure 3rd option catia v5, v4, v3, v2.........its easy

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