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How to orient a sketch in Solidworks?

By Gokul Arasu on 29 Jul 14:10 5 answers 2 comments

How to orient a sketch in solidworks'13, for instance in diagram below, i want to the model to be oriented as base on bottom, and cylinder faces upwards, for ease of sketching from my 2D drawing to add additional features,

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5 answers

  • A D
    A D about 3 years ago

    The simple way is to think about such "unimportances" before you start to model the first sketch in your design.

  • Allexandre Santos
    Allexandre Santos about 3 years ago

    First, position the view the way you want it to appear. That done, press the spacebar and click the New View button, and give a name for the new view. That done, his new view will appear along with the patterns seen SolidWorks.

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • tsvetan milenkov
    tsvetan milenkov about 3 years ago

    yow can start sketch in any plane!orr can change plane for eksisting sketch!
    klik on sketch and then on edith sketch plane!

  • tsvetan milenkov
    tsvetan milenkov about 3 years ago

    yow first klik on plane,or face,and then start skatching.on ith yow can olso create plane ,and then skatch on it!

  • Latheesh V M Villa
    Latheesh V M Villa about 3 years ago

    you hav to consider Arestide Damiean suggestion ..

    select the face ..align it in the required manner by dragging with mouse
    click space and then select normal

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