How to perfectly model this band fast.

Hi. I am looking for a way to make this band exactly like the image.
How can I do that easy way.

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it is very easy please use the spline command..........

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I'm not sure about perfect, but it does not look too bad. The dimensions can always be tweaked to match.
The SolidWorks model is 2017. Parasolid and STL also attached.

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Draw the path as a sketch
sweep the cross section of the ribbon ( profile ) through that path

Tools used : spline for path & rectangle for profile

Sweep boss tool

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A spline works, but creating a spline with dozens of control points is very difficult to modify later. I find it easier to use the Helix / Spiral option to form the majority of the shape,
Use splines where they are needed, and limit their control points to the minimum required. This means the spline control points need to be dragged and rotated to get the desired shape. Or the newer Style Spline can be used, in which case more control points will be needed.

Sweeping is not needed. Extruding this shape as a thin profile is a good option even if the spline method is used.

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You can insert this image into solidworks and sketch over it!

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