How to pick and configure hardware for a workstation?

I'm in the never ending process of upgrading my home-built workstation. There are some new, and some old things (components) in the mixture and I am looking for some guidance how to optimize the things I have and find out what I need to change to be on the safe side.

I have a new MB (GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 F2), new CPU (Intel I-7 2600K @4.2GHz), new memory (16GB (4x4G pack) Mushkin Blackline DDR3 @1600MHz) and some components from the old setup, system HDD WD Black Caviar 1T + 2x 1T WD Green Caviar for data storage.
The GPU is Nvidia Quadro FX580 (low end workstation PCIE GPU with 512DDR3/128 bits, 40W ), Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus (400W PSU) and an older Spire Fourier SP602B3 on which I replaced the original fan with Cooler Master's fan from Gemini II S (120mm)

As I'm not doing nothing else than working with SW on this computer (some browsing, email and and maybe a render here and there) I want to find out what can I keep and what should I replace to be able to increase the clock speed on the CPU without making damage. I expect that I will most likely have to replace the 400W PSU with a more powerful one (I found some fairly priced Cooler Master 650W PSU) and so far, I raised the clock on the CPU (in Bios) only by increasing the multiplier - everything else is on auto setting. The memory is set to work in XMP mode profile1 (1600MHz) - and it's the speed limit for this memory, anyway.

So, if there's someone with a good idea what I can do and how to spend my money wisely in order to get the most from what I have, I'm all ears...

(the OS is Win7 x64)

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New PSU (would recommend 600W+) and a new CPU cooler. If you really want to push your system Get a Corsair H80 or H100. I also have a Thermalright TRUE 120 Black air cooler that works great for overclocking. If you REALLY want to push your system (5.0GH+) you can do a custom liquid cooling system. Depending on what case you have you may want to invest in something that has better airflow as well.

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We, I think I'm not really going to push the CPU over 4.5GHz, and @ that frequency, the CPU core temperature remains well below any dangerous limit. The new addition to the list is a brand new GPU I just picked up yesterday on ATI FirePro V4800 which appears to wipe the floor with my current Quadro FX580. The catch is that I found it from a private seller (with a 100% positive rating) for only 65€ (buy now!) , unpacked. It would cost me about 90€ more for the next lowest price offer... I expect it to be here in about ten days or so :)
Since it went soooo well with the new GPU, I'll have more than enough to upgrade the PSU :) Will see how it develops from there ...

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