How to point users to the license server that I set up before in CATIA V6R2013X ???

Machine is a 64-bit Windows 7 machine (for the moment I just try to run server and client on the same machine).
I've done all the steps and I enrolled licenses correctly but when I run CATIA it just gives this error : "none of your license matches an installed configuration"

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3 Answers

No,it can't run,it needs to be assigned by some licenses that server installation is Necessary;but u can install both server and client on one machine,and should do that,by the way,it's totally cracked

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Hello Sedri,
Does CATIA V6 can run without installation of the virtual server( fileserver, database server .etc) ?
Is V6R2013x cracked?

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so how to fix this error ??

any ideas??

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