how to position item in solidworks assemblies correctly

i am trying to position 2 end brackets sticking out 1.00 from enf of weldment and also position 2 round hinge items 1.5 inches from ends and centered on top plate??

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You've uploaded the assembly file but you also need to upload the part files to go with it. Try pack-and-go to create a zip file and upload that.

It sounds like you need distance mates. You can also use these with that planes that are within parts.

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this zipfile is all parts in assembly i have made some changes but i still need help placing the items above. thank you aled

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I havent had a chance to download, but I think what you might be looking for is the "parallel" mate relation. It allows you to specify how far apart two part faces or edges can be.

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yes i do not know how to add the "gap" or distance from an edge or face.

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