How to prepare for solidworks CSWP certification exam?

pls tell me a webiste for practice or tell me a book for preapring

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SolidWize CSWP Practice Exam 2 Solutions

tks for share (y)

¡Gracias! :D

HI here is my files.
the result that i've got for the saple exam 1 segment 1 in question 1 is 806.74
it's close the the answer B but it is not the exact result
someone can help me ???

I approved it yesterday! These PDF´s are the best to practice.

Thanks a lot, Altug. It is very helpful, the exams are not difficult when you know what to expect.

@Altug Tuncel
Can you upload practice files ? that contain the parts in the exams

Thanks for uploading this! Very useful! Could you also upload the answer key, so that I can double-check my work?

Thanks in advance!

The author of this thread didn't upload the parts for Exam 1 segment 2
I attach all parts, including missing parts for this segment
Please comment if you get the same results for Exam1 Segment2:
1) C
2) 550.64 g
3) C
4) 862.91 g
5) 1040.58 g
6) 143.51 g
7) 171.64 g
8) 138.78 g
9) 135.86 g

Will I get the same questions in CSWP. Help me plz


I got a question guys. Let´s say that I made a model frome the Segment 1 of the exam. The mass of my piece is 10032.89 and the closest option on the exam is 10033. I would say that this option is the correct one, right?
But the next question is an open question! (is about to modify this piece with some new measurements) I remember that in CSwA you have to type the mass with the keyboard with no options to choose. Does this open question have a margin of error? Thanks guys

Hey Altug Tuncel do you happen to have to answer keys for the sample exams?


Hey guys a little note to be confirmed: I did my cswp exam with solid 2016 but preparation on 2014 (because at home I've got this one). A lot of time wasted cause 2016 does not accept equation without "..." in table. Finally I did not pass exam because I did not expect this syntax error: Y= 1.5*B+10 an spent a lot tryin to fix it.
In 2014 version It was accepted but 2016 need Y=1.5* "B" + 10
the same in mini quote manager it need "..." to link a global variable. Do you confirm it all?

CSWP Sample Exam 2 (2012)
Segment 3 of the CSWP Core

I have got the following results:

1) 3511.63 grams
2) A
3) X = 96.10 Y = 28.98 Z = -30.00
4) X = 91.22 Y = 29.61 Z = -30.00
5) 11.84°
6) 117.32 grams
7) C
8) B
10) X = 77.28 Y = 43.63 Z = -30.00
11) X = 104.28 Y = 37.83 Z = -54.23

Please comment if you have got the same results, Thanks!


Hi raja chandram
you'll have the same questions, but with differents model parts.

good day sir,
do u have right answer for exam CSWP segment 3

Dear Altug Tuncel,

Thanks for your help.

Could you please upload all the SolidWorks files? For example the Damper file is not correct for the first sample exam.

CSWP sample exam 1 segment 1: I have got the following results:
1) B
2) 1029.07 g
3) D
4) C
5) 644.09 g

Please comment if you have got the same results, because I don't see the correct answers published

Can somebody help me with problem 8, Segment 2. My Mass is coming out to be 143.76g approx. and it should be 138.76g approx. I am having trouble with the angled cut at the bottom where dimension is 4mm and base is not given. What is the dimensions of the base of angled cut or is there another method for the cut?

Exercices from BW Engineering at This book its free... thanks to BW Engineering.
Comments and problems please