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How to prepare for solidworks CSWP certification exam?

By sohail khan on 28 Jun 09:17 22 answers 26141 views 21 comments

pls tell me a webiste for practice or tell me a book for preapring

22 answers

  • Renuka Prabhakar
    Renuka Prabhakar about 2 years ago

    Thanks for uploading this! Very useful! Could you also upload the answer key, so that I can double-check my work?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Altug Tuncel
    Altug Tuncel almost 2 years ago

    SolidWize CSWP Practice Exam 2 Solutions


    SolidWize CSWP Sample Exam 2 Segment 3.pdf, 1.64 MB
  • José Sánchez
    José Sánchez almost 2 years ago

    I got a question guys. Let´s say that I made a model frome the Segment 1 of the exam. The mass of my piece is 10032.89 and the closest option on the exam is 10033. I would say that this option is the correct one, right?
    But the next question is an open question! (is about to modify this piece with some new measurements) I remember that in CSwA you have to type the mass with the keyboard with no options to choose. Does this open question have a margin of error? Thanks guys

  • Dongwei Qi
    Dongwei Qi almost 2 years ago

    Dear Altug Tuncel,

    Thanks for your help.

    Could you please upload all the SolidWorks files? For example the Damper file is not correct for the first sample exam.

  • José Sánchez
    José Sánchez almost 2 years ago

    I approved it yesterday! These PDF´s are the best to practice.

  • unclebob
    unclebob over 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot, Altug. It is very helpful, the exams are not difficult when you know what to expect.

  • Valdas Adamkus
    Valdas Adamkus over 1 year ago

    The author of this thread didn't upload the parts for Exam 1 segment 2
    I attach all parts, including missing parts for this segment
    Please comment if you get the same results for Exam1 Segment2:
    1) C
    2) 550.64 g
    3) C
    4) 862.91 g
    5) 1040.58 g
    6) 143.51 g
    7) 171.64 g
    8) 138.78 g
    9) 135.86 g


    _Original parts.rar, 4.58 MB
  • assembe assembe samuel
    assembe assembe samuel over 1 year ago

    HI here is my files.
    the result that i've got for the saple exam 1 segment 1 in question 1 is 806.74
    it's close the the answer B but it is not the exact result
    someone can help me ???


  • Ayman Hisham
    Ayman Hisham about 2 years ago

    @Altug Tuncel
    Can you upload practice files ? that contain the parts in the exams

  • Romano Gaspari
    Romano Gaspari over 1 year ago

    Hey guys a little note to be confirmed: I did my cswp exam with solid 2016 but preparation on 2014 (because at home I've got this one). A lot of time wasted cause 2016 does not accept equation without "..." in table. Finally I did not pass exam because I did not expect this syntax error: Y= 1.5*B+10 an spent a lot tryin to fix it.
    In 2014 version It was accepted but 2016 need Y=1.5* "B" + 10
    the same in mini quote manager it need "..." to link a global variable. Do you confirm it all?

  • Valdas Adamkus
    Valdas Adamkus over 1 year ago

    CSWP sample exam 1 segment 1: I have got the following results:
    1) B
    2) 1029.07 g
    3) D
    4) C
    5) 644.09 g

    Please comment if you have got the same results, because I don't see the correct answers published

  • khit
    khit over 1 year ago

    CSWP Sample Exam 2 (2012)
    Segment 3 of the CSWP Core

    I have got the following results:

    1) 3511.63 grams
    2) A
    3) X = 96.10 Y = 28.98 Z = -30.00
    4) X = 91.22 Y = 29.61 Z = -30.00
    5) 11.84°
    6) 117.32 grams
    7) C
    8) B
    10) X = 77.28 Y = 43.63 Z = -30.00
    11) X = 104.28 Y = 37.83 Z = -54.23

    Please comment if you have got the same results, Thanks!

  • jerico
    jerico about 1 year ago


  • raja chandran
    raja chandran 10 months ago

    Will I get the same questions in CSWP. Help me plz

  • Robert  Puckett
    Robert Puckett over 1 year ago

    Hey Altug Tuncel do you happen to have to answer keys for the sample exams?


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