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How to print a large scale drawings in A4 size paper in autocad?

By sasi kumar on 07 Aug 07:06 3 answers 0 comments

I cant print my 4meter drawing fully in A4 size paper,it didnt come in full size paper please help me to plot in full size. thankyou.

3 answers

  • Raza Usman
    Raza Usman about 3 years ago

    Of course you can do so... Heres how you can do it;

    1. Type "PLOT" command, a dialogue box will appear...
    2. In the Paper Size select "ISO A4" (either Landscape/Portrait, whatever you want)...
    3. In the Scale option select either "Fit to Paper" or round it off a little bit and type your own, the actual is already written there... (This rounding off thingy is my personal suggestion and that's how I go)...
    Hope you find it useful... If so do mark it as "It Worked" please... ;)
    Otherwise feel free to ask more...

    P.S.: Before doing all this it is recommended that you draw a rectangle (border) all around your drawing...

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder about 3 years ago

    This can be done, but you need to get "into" the printer/plotter properties.
    You need to define the size of paper or make a new definition of plotted dimensions......
    Normally you can choose A4, A3, A2,A1 and A0.\, now you have to make a new paper dimension (long plot) of the required length.

  • pooja latake
    pooja latake about 1 year ago

    how to print my autocad drwing in A3 size papar

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