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how to project a sketch in solidedge?

By rehan on 19 Sep 15:29 2 answers 2511 views 3 comments

If a sketch is make on a plane in Y-axis or X-axis, then how to project it on plane which is at any angle (might be 45 or 60)?

2 answers

  • jehan kothari
    jehan kothari about 4 years ago

    create an angled plane and simply project it :/

    GIRRAJ SHARMA over 3 years ago

    projetion is only possible at parallel plane so take plane at either 45 or 60 and project command in st 6(in st2 include command)it. or
    the object can be rotated at desire angle and then project comman ( include in st2) .
    reply me if problem solve


    project_normal.par, 305 KB

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