How to properly create a lofted boss/base in Solidworks

I am creating the hull of a sailboat. I have created a 2-d sketch on a series of planes parallel to the front plane at evenly spaced distances. When I try to create a lofted extrusion from the stern to the center of the boat it is created but looks funny. It appears to have squiggly lines even though the geometry looks correct. This model needs to be exact because it will be submitted to a 3-d printer. Any advice on what went wrong and how to fix it? Please see the attached photos. Thanks in advance!

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2 Answers

Yes, please upload your file so we can better help you.

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I managed to repair it I believe. Basically I changed the cross sections and it lofted a lot better. My issue now is two fold.
1. I want to create a good leading edge, I tried using fillet expert but to no avail, this has worked in the past for me, any ideas how to get a better leading edge?
2. I want the front 50% of the upper surface of the hull to slope inward to a gentle point (think of it as more aerodynamic appearing like ^ instead of ---- like it currently is for illustration. Advice for how to go about that?


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