How to put material on a headlight / taillight (solidworks or keyshot)

Doing my 3rd model and i wanna add some more details to it. Just wondering if i should add the material in solidworks or keyshot and what kind of material for the lens. I m doing another layer behind the lens thats reflective, but havent found anything for the exterior lens. (btw its an older car, so no projector lights just regular lens from the 90s)
thanks a lot for any input.

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I like keyshot but in both cases I would just go with a red transparent plastic or glass. Try and few and see what gives the best results.

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Hello Angel,
I wish you the successful completion of your model. If you are willing to add more material then I would advice read some research papers or put the same query into any active discussion board. <a href="">Headlight and taillights</a> of current era are not remained ordinary like past, but have turned out to be more advanced just like LED high beam, MULTIBEAM LED light etc.

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