how to put pistons rod at the same angle together when i assembling with crank shaft ?

I have model crankshaft with piston rod . the problem I do not know how to put them in the same angle 90 degree vertically . I try hard to put them at the same angle but I can not . please will help me many thanks to you

9 Answers

you would normally mate the piston to the cylinder but you can add an axis to the piston and then mate it to a plane in the attached simple example I used a plane of the bearing.

thank you very much for your help ,I really appreciate your help and offer . all the best to you

thank you very much for your help I will try to today to do it about the file which you have sent it does not open

please can you send me the attachment again it does not open

What version of Solidworks do you have??

I have 2014 version , when I open the attachment first appear but late will disappear