how to put the object in the main views? Can you help me

Hello! i'm a student, and i have this file, so i need to put the "camera" in the standards can i do this? Help me please :)

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1] Best to start in the top viewport. Select your camera
2] Click the Motion tab
3] Click Assign Controller drop down (click on Fig.2)
4] Select >Position: Path controller
5] Click icon to left below Assign Controller title
6] In Fly-out menu select "Path constraint"
7] In right parameter area, under >Look-at Parameters, select "Pick Target" if your camera isn't already showing in text area above it.
8] Under >Path Parameters, click "Add Path" button and select your circle. Your camera. It will attach itself automatically to the path circle facing its camera target.
9] To adjust your camera, you now have to use its PARENT, THE CIRCLE PATH which now controls the camera's rotation and movement.
10] Rotate the circle until your camera is in the start position you want. (Check your Camera viewport)
11] In Top viewport, move the Camera Target to the center of your object.
However many frames for the animation determines the 360' path speed of the camera. More frames, the slower the anim.

Answered with a tutorial:

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