How to Recover Drawing file from Temp

How to Recover Drawing file from Temp [Recover from "*.sv$" to "*.dwg"

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Should enable the display of hidden files and folders and display of extensions for files recorded
Once enabled, all make a search on the disk with the string "*. sv $" without quotes
Remember then to rename it (*. Dwg) from the folder where you will find it .... (like your desktop) ... if you leave it in the temp does not work ...
From an eye here
document and setting\user\Local settings\temp

For all paths used by autocad:
Tools -> Options -> Files tab
Here you can find all the paths and wanting can edit!

Have they tried changing the settings on each individual machine (might need admin rights) - TOOLS - OPTIONS - Temporary Drawing File Location?

The BAK files that is saved in your network are the Backup files of your drawing when you issue the SAVE command. This BAK files are saved to the same directory as the Drawings. There is only 1 copy of a BAK per drawing in this directory unlike the multiple BAK under the TEMP directory, which is incremental BAK. You can set a rule in your network or a script to delete all BAK files that is stored in your network to save space.

I'll give you a tip used to save often.

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