How to remove associative in assembly of catia v5

We have big problem of this matter pls help me.we need to break associative of assembly in catia v5

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Try this answer that was submitted on a blog:

While in an Assembly Product do the following:

1. Click on the [Associativity] icon. The |Assembly Part Association| dialog box will open. If you click [OK], CATIA will select the complete assembly and will create an Associativity Part of all instances of all Products in the Assembly Product, but this is not what you want.
2. In the |Assembly Part Association| dialog box click [Customize] check box. The [Filter] button is now enabled.
3. Click the [Filter] button. The |Association Filter| dialog box will open.
4. In the Specification Tree, select the instance of the standard part you need to process (let's say PN=SP001 and IN=SP001.1). Several items of SP001 (PartBody, External References,...) will be added in the |Association Filter| dialog box. If you don't need some of them (for examble the External References), remove them with the aid of [Remove] button.
5. Click [OK] in the |Association Filter| dialog box . The |Association Filter| dialog box will close and the |Assembly Part Association| dialog box will be enabled again.
6. Click [OK] in the |Assembly Part Association| dialog box. CATIA will create a new PartProduct in your Assembly with Part Number "Associativity Part_XX" and also an Assembly Feature in the node in the Assembly Specification Tree. The last one is the object which keeps the link to your original standard part.

Here is the link:

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