How to remove the sketched logo from the other face of the part

This is Hassan, Mechanical Engineer.

I use solidworks to design my products parts.
When I sketched the logo on the mold I found that a lines appear on the other sides,
I didn`t know how i can remove it.

when you see the attached images you will understand more.
side one image, is the one which the sketch will be etched in the mold
side two image, that`s the lines that appear.

Can anyone help me in that issue.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

The 'delete face' feature should work fine to get rid of all the surfaces you don't want. Selecting them with a selection window (preferably in wireframe view) should make short work of it.

Alternatively, depending on how the graphics features are created, you may be able to limit the features impact to a single direction such as can be done with the 'split line' feature.

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did you selected all ? and filled it up to the outer face?
for me it looks you didn't select them all , i had that problemms too in the beginning , others do what robert does works most better .

regards mike

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