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How to render a surface like a mirror in rhino? Or like a watersurface?

By dorian kerckaert on 29 Aug 09:35 4 answers 9049 views 0 comments

How do you get the best rendering result for a 'mirror like' surface, or a watersurface rendered in rhino?

4 answers

  • Hakim Klunker
    Hakim Klunker about 4 years ago

    I reckon that you have flamingo installed. It is like real life: Choose the material properties with a highly reflective material. This can be polished steel for example. But also "car paint" settings can create ineresting mirroring reflections. You can next play with settings of your respective material to 'fine-tune' the effect. Setting some lights also helps to create reflection effects.
    Water surfaces: There are a few basic settings as plug-ins. But no-one prevents you from altering those for your own needs: open the menu and try some individual settings.

  • Ferro
    Ferro almost 3 years ago

    If you like to have the real time rendering in the Rhino windows, you must download and install the free Rhino plug-in called Neon. You can find it here:

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