How to render interiors in keyshot?

my attempt in photoview - Bedroom1

3 Answers

Hi Zeljko. are you doing building interiors or car interiors? You an see some interior examples and car interior examples that Tim Feher creates on the KeyShot forums (

One of the strengths of KeyShot is the real-world HDRI lighting that speeds up the process of creating renderings. Those are fairly easy to create as well. You can also use the emissive material. It's great for reflections and I've seen them used in building interiors with great results.

lol, you know what? i found your question because i googled the same question. it comes to be that i find it difficult to work with lights and camera angles, but i like very much the quality of textures it can get, and the bump maps are great.

I haven't seen any high quality interiors renders with KS. it is hard to render interiors if you don't have a good control over your scene light and camera. I'm not saying you cannot but it is more difficult and time consuming compared to other software.