How to render light coming through plastic in Keyshot?

I need to render the white glossy plastic part with the LED behind the plastic. The plastic is 1mm thick and the green light shines through the plastic. I have tried to get this render, but have failed every time.
Can someone explain how to do it in Keyshot? I'm modelling the parts in Solidworks.


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Thanx Ben for the suggestion but I've already looked there. Unfortunately there is no answer on my question.

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As I stated in my previous answer, you may use transluscent materials, it should do the trick if you still need some help on the matter.

Answered with a tutorial:

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you have to use "Clear Shiny Plastic White" for the Plastic part.
"Area light" for the Light.
And furthermore you have to select the parameter "focused caustics".
That is very importand.
And you have to use (in german) "indirekte Bodenbeleuchtung", if you want, to light the ground, like the picture for STEP 2.

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