how to repair iges file surface gaps?

hello friends,
my client was send some iges file to create solid. i try to fix that problem on catia v5. but i cant create solid. because major problem is surface gap is there. but i cant find out surface gaps.
And also i try to fix this problem on transmagic software but it cant rectified. what can i do now friends... can you any one help me guys please....

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yeah .i solve this problem in solid works and saved to iges format but that same problem get in .

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solid model if you still need it.I found the fillets on the lettering to be main problem

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Hi Prabu, nice doubt you have.
Do one thing, join all the surfaces with the join command but increase the rage from 0.001 to 0.01 or 0.1, once you apply then there is two option either all surfaces will join and will make one part or there will be the topological errors. so then you have to solve this.
To solve topological hide all the sketches/planes/solid and work only on surfaces and in slipt form this time do not deal with the whole part in a one-shot while dealing with topological error.
This time you have to use join command multiple times. And at the end, you will have once joined Iges part without gaps.

Thank You
Anuj Malviya

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see this anuj malaviya bro its not solid from on catia v5 r20

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just make solid form and stl format then delete on letter on produt .anuj malviya

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Repaired step file is attached.
Solidworks did most of the work with the Import Diagnostics tool.

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