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How to repair self intersecting geometry in solidworks?

By Shashank Katiyar on 03 Aug 08:42 1 answer 2 comments

I created polysurface model of femur from an STL file in rhino V4 and joined those surfaces into a closed polysurface model. Then I imported that closed polysurface model as IGES file in solidworks 2011 to create a solid model. But it has self intesecting surfaces which I tried to heal via import diagnostics but out of four only 2 get healed and two doesn't. Is there any way to correct those surfaces and get a solidmodel from it.


Femur_Closed.igs, 32.2 MB
Femur.stl, 1.21 MB

1 answer

  • Tommy Mueller
    Tommy Mueller about 4 years ago

    Here you go!
    All fixed!
    ...and three file formats with no errors


    Femur_Closed_Part.IGS, 19.9 MB
    Femur_Closed_Part.STEP, 37.5 MB
    Femur_Closed_Part.SLDPRT, 8.65 MB

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