How to resize solidworks parts?

Im new with solidworks. I need to work with solidworks for my Master Thesis. I've to automate a line that has to transport pallets with 3 boxs ich one.
I saw on grab cad the perfect plastic pallet like the company...(Plastic pallet - request), but I need to resize them (800mmx1200). How I do it? And will nedd a couple of conveyors but I dont now if its possible resize them...
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3 Answers

1. insert
2. features
3. scale
then pic what size you want.

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grabcad is a sharing site. so by uploading any model you have given the ok to use it. however credit should always be given to the original designer.

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1. Ask the owner of this model for permission to use it.
2. Ask if he would make the changes you require
3. Ask if it is okay for somone else to make these changes

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