how to restore default color as gray for catia v5 R20

i was using catia v5 r16. recently i installed catia v5 r20. but after that whenever i make a part the default color is black nd is very transparent.
plz tell me how to restore the default color for parts

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2 Answers

The releases are alway installed seperatly, different like most other software, you can use both with no relation between both installations.
Maybe R20 isn´t installed correct?
Helpfull (but a "hard" solution) is to delete the CATENV
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\DassaultSystemes\CATEnv
CATIA will automatic install the standard CATENV.

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BTW: A "Dassault person" told me in the past to install always the odd number releases like R11, R13, R15, .. so better switch to R21

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