How to roll a flat surface into a pipe?

I am trying to make a Rolled pipe from a piece of flat metal plate in SOLIDWORKS .I have also attached the metal plate in this file . Please help me out

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Maybe someone will have a better way, but I believe this will work:
1. I made a 2D sketch and converted your 3D sketch onto it. While in the sketch, I measured the length/width of your profile
2. Take the length/width determined above. Divide it by PI. Then divide by two. This gives the radius of pipe to wrap around.
Extrude or revolve a cylinder with radius as determined above
3. Insert - Feature - Wrap. Wrap the 2D sketch around the pipe.
4. isolate the wrapped face. This can be done by deleting other faces, or using the Offset Surface (set to 0), or Knit Surface tools.
5. Insert - Boss/Base - Thicken to change the surface into a solid.

It was unclear why the original sketch was a 3D sketch. It is also made up of lots of small line segments. I'd redraw it with arcs and splines, but maybe it needs to be lines for some reason?

SolidWorks (2016) and parasolid files attached.

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Thank you Fred
Can you provide me the file.

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