How to rotate a solid body around a work axys in inventor?

I believe this question still remains unanswered. Either there really is no solution, or you can only obtain this feature by doing it in an assembly file.
I'm still learning inventor, and I'm very new to CAD. Also, I'm not an engineer, in fact, I do believe that people don't find me all that smart.
To start out, I was trying out the crankshaft model found here;
Seeing as there is no such combined command as "move copy body", I mirrored the lot. I guess there's an easier way than making workplanes on every extruded cylindrical face to mirror solids?
I shared the partfile so you can try for yourself.
Any comments on how to create these automated features more efficient are welcome as well!

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Hi Matt,

Your idea is a bit of dead end! ...I would prefer the Rectangular pattern dialogue for your model.

Check the link Below


I Just saw it!!! if you check further down the tutorial there is an answer by Javi López how to model this crankshaft in Inventor I wouldn't put this better in a mini tutorial with only 8 steps.

In fact I modified & uploaded your file but it's in Inventor 2014. As you are using an older version this file is a little bit useless! Unless you upgrade your version ;P

Main point is that the tutorial Exists! if you want more details let me know!!!

Once again Regards!

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Got Your Q finally right. It seems to be that I can not read any more. I totally missed words in INVENTOR. Well it seems that Your are right. Some features for multibody parts are missing in IV (I don't understand were are.they lost).

As You figured out switching to assem for a while is one workaround, but really is there better solution? Anyway, after making concentric constraints in assem You can add the angles. After that You can make one part again by clicking simplify and save as part.

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See the picture attached. How can You know it's a Combo Box and after You select last from List Part You are able to give angle to body?

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