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how to rotate ground plane when rendering in caia??

By Ali gh on 18 Jul 11:54 7 answers 1836 views 2 comments

i want to rotate the ground plane!
not move back and forward! roate it
what can i do?

7 answers

  • Chris Shakal
    Chris Shakal about 2 years ago

    You can also rotate the product itself in Assembly Design. You can't manipulate the ground plane in any way except for moving it up/down.

  • Ali gh
    Ali gh about 2 years ago

    özgür kesebir! beacaus of the shadow

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir about 2 years ago

    Shadow occurs due to light source. If you want to change the direction of light, there is another option. I will add some pictures in minutes.

  • Dan Terino
    Dan Terino about 2 years ago

    In the settings you can change the lighting significantly assuming your computer specs can handle it. I'd experiment with those.

  • andy james
    andy james about 2 years ago

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