How to Save a file as STL and CatPart at the same time

I've created a 3d printer, and it contains a lot of 3d printed parts that need to be saved as STL to be accepted on slicers, in a folder that i will call `/3dPrintedParts`, and they need to be saved as *.CatPart as well so i can work on them later.

I want to be able to when i save, Catia saves the CatPart as well as STL files automatically. There is a way to do that?

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I've never used Catia, but if I had to do the same in SolidWorks I'd try:
1. SolidWorks has a Task Scheduler. It can be set to convert file formats as a batch. Sadly, I don't think it has ever supported STL format. But maybe Catia has a smarter tool?

2. A script or macro could be written to open a file, and save it in different formats. I'm assuming that Catia allows for some type of script or macro to be run.

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Fred is right.

You cannot save a CATIA file in two different formats at the same time. But you could save it in one format and immediately after save it in the other format.

Or, as Fred suggested, write a some sort of program (script, macro, whatever) to do both saves. You could probably write it to handle more than one part, too!

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1. "Save" file in .CATPart.
2. "Save as" file in .stl.
If i got you correct.

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