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How to save a model in catia v6?

By EDISON PHOENIX on 06 Mar 07:47 15 answers 21870 views 8 comments

catia v6

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  • G15
    G15 over 5 years ago

    CATIA V6 is more an All-in-one solution for the industry, including a lot of special solutions, mechanical construcion, knowledge, documentation, ..... It is not only CAD-Software like V5.
    So you need an IT-infrastructure (Server-Client).


  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill over 5 years ago

    As far as i knew we can't save file to hard disk in CATIA v6.

  • Gunakar
    Gunakar about 5 years ago

    hey bro's we can save files in catia v6.........just after completing ur model.. open file menu and click creation preferences. and then a smal dialogu box opens press enter button and now again open file menu and click export and then cselect the destination and selec the format IGEs which is standard and u r done........

  • Alireza SKH
    Alireza SKH over 5 years ago

    so where can we save our file?

  • DIpesh sahoo
    DIpesh sahoo over 4 years ago

    propagate the model then add It to your favorIte .On update agaIn propagate the fIle to save the modIfcatIon It wIll be auto updated In your favourIte.

  • necmiyildiz5
    necmiyildiz5 almost 5 years ago

    Dear All
    V6 is hybrit,there are two methot of read and write datas. One of them is file based method( You can read CATIA V5 files & xcad files like step,igs )
    other method is server based file managment. (There are some servers ( application server, file server etc.)and file managed by the systems.
    ın this system user just propagete the files.

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill over 4 years ago

    There is local save option also, Export option also in CATIA v6 to save to local disk.

  • Praveen Mulabagula
    Praveen Mulabagula over 4 years ago

    You can certainely save your models in Catia V6, but in database not locally.
    After having saved your files in database, from there you can export them to local drives(3DXML files).In pirated Catia you can never save your models as they are not configured with database.
    You can save..., but only to nutral frormats.

  • sedri
    sedri about 4 years ago

    I have installed v6r2013x fully.but when i want to propagate the model,this error appears:
    Problem :
    The server cannot process this request. (Information to report to the support : No valid option[Policy] was found for entity 'PLMRepresentationDS' in PLMChooser (info: <default>/default(97)))

    is anyone know what is the problem?Is there any license that relates to this?

  • DIpesh sahoo
    DIpesh sahoo about 4 years ago

    u must be logged In to your enovIa server(sql server) to propagate your

  • talk2san
    talk2san about 4 years ago

    in CATIA V6 2009 , how can we create server such server as discussed in the above answers @necmiyildiz5 "

  • janakiraman
    janakiraman almost 4 years ago

    You can save using Export option available in plm access

  • Kiran Chhatre
    Kiran Chhatre about 2 years ago

    I installed v6r2009, there are several issues:
    1. there is no local save option available.
    2. there is no propagate all option available
    3. in propagate option whenever I try to save anything, it shows right protected error
    4. in export option i can save only in stp or igs format, hence whenever I reopen these files all features are not seen , i get only dumb solid
    ** it is pirated
    can i never be able to save anything?
    do i need enovia v6 also? if yes, is there any pirated version of it?
    Please advice!

  • Oliveira Jose de Gouvea
    Oliveira Jose de Gouvea 5 months ago

    Save the file Dassault Systemes 3D XML file in other folder,outsid of Catia ,and you can propagate.

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