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How to save SW drawings to PDF in bulk?

By Ashish Sharma on 07 Apr 15:00 1 answer 2222 views 0 comments

Hello all,

I'm having a problem to save the SW drawings to PDF in bulk. Hope you can help me.
Apologies if I'm explaining it in too much detail.
So the problem goes like this:

Consider I have a couple of SW files in a folder with all the assembly, part and drawing files, so I need to save the drawings to PDF and so far I had to do it manually by opening up each file and saving it to pdf.

Later on, I got a macro to save the drawings to pdf and I have added it to my toolbar but still I have to open up the drawing then click the macro button.

Well I want to automate this entire process. I know it can be done with Task Scheduler but there are some problems I'm facing with the task scheduler as well :

1. Task Scheduler Print Command

First way to saving the drawings to PDF is print them using a PDF printer (like Adobe Acrobat) through Task scheduler.

Problem. : I use A2 paper size for my drawings and I can't get A2 in the print setup of task scheduler. I made every change in control panel > printer properties but it is still not showing A2 paper size in Task scheduler Print setup options

2. Running a custom task in Task scheduler

Well I think we can run a Macro using "run custom task" which will then save the PDF files in bulk.

Problem: I have a pdf macro (which I explained in the beginning) but that doesn't let me perform such action in bulk using "run custom task".

I'm new to macros and not sure how to write such a macro which can perform this action.

Your help is much appreciated.

Thanks all in advance.


1 answer

  • SK
    SK almost 2 years ago

    I have got the same question as you, Have you got a macro yet?
    If so, please let me know, I would like it as well

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