How to scale an assembly in one direction?

How to scale an assembly in one direction? I have modelled a stand and now the height needs to change from 900mm down to 750mm without affecting the other dimensions.
There are a number of parts in the assembly and I don't want to start over.

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You can't scale an assembly.
You can scale part files (insert - feature - scale).
I would not suggest doing it, but you could save your assembly as a part file, and then scale it. This is a terrible idea, but maybe it would work in this case? Upload files, or images of what you have built, then we'll know for sure.

A better option is to open the part and change the dimension(s) that are making it too tall, and not use the scale tool (ever). Changing the height of a part will not affect others (unless you have designed everything in the assembly with in-context relationships).

The only time I'd use the scale tool is as the very last feature when a pattern is being made for a casting process and you have to account for material shrinkage or expansion.

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