How to select all surfaces between two boundaries?

Hello to all;

I would like to select the all surfaces between two or more boundaries in solidworks.I can do it in Creo with <shift> key and LMB easily. But in solidworks is there any option? From right click menu I opened the "Select connected faces".. But it did not give a proper solution to my request. Tried to explain more in attach file.


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I'm unaware of that type of selection capability in Solidworks. Specific features, such as draft, have some alternative selection capability, but not like your example.

You can get it in 2 picks if you hover over the floor of the cavity and RMB>select tangency, then hover over a face of the chamfered edge and do it again while holding ctrl. It wouldn't work so good if that chamfer was a fillet because then you'd also get the top surface, the posts, the sides etc...

You might be able to get it with a cleverly drawn 'lasso' selection window as well.

There may be other ways that I don't know about, so we'll see if someone else chimes in.

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I can't tell from the image of the edge at the opening is a fillet or a chamfer.
If it is a chamfer, try right clicking a face you wish to select, and choose Select Tangent Faces. If it is a fillet, you are going to get too many faces selected.

Instead of selecting model faces, you could select the features that make up the pocket. It looks like it might only be three features, instead of 1-2 dozen faces.

I guess the method used will depend on why the faces need to be selected.

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Thank you Robert & Fred;
Mostly we are working on step or iges files ; So when tried select tangencies; solidworks are getting all surfaces , SO not working properly.

Lasso selection also tried but may be due to version we are using (solidworks 2014 SP 5.0) , its not also working porpoerly.

But thanks again for your answers.

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