How to separate bodies in CATIA Drafting?

I have the following problem: I have to create a model that has 3 bodies: the main, and two different endings for one output (for example: straight tube comes out from the body, but it will be bent up later), and I don't want to create more models. But in the drafting workbench i can not hide the body that I don't need.
In NX I would use Reference Sets, but in Catia only 2-3 subassemblies. Any ideas?

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If it is single CATPart with 3 bodies? Try ( with drafting active) clicking on the body1 (being the main body)in the tree then hold ctrl and pick body2 ( in the tree) then pick edges of the geometry for drafting.

If you use this method and hide the body in the CATPart then when it's updated
It will disappear in the drawing sheet view.

If you want to hide either or both of the alternative items then it would be easy to create a CATproduct. Copy paste special break link original catpart twice.
You now have 3 Separate CATParts which are individual. In each cat part hide the body you don't want.

So with this you can create two scenes. 1 with straight tube and one with bent.

Or make two products.

Hope this helps

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I think attached video will help you to hide bodies in drafting.

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