How to set a cost for configurated parts?

I'm estimating a cost of the assembly, by the means of a particular BOM I added extra columns to define the cost of every part.
One example, a plywood configured for different height. Knowing the price per square meter I would calculate the part area accordingly to the chosen configuration. Like what I have posted Workbench2 and the extruded bars are easily calculated, but I can't have a formula for the boards inserted within the bars.

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Can you open SolidWorks 2016 files?
I've attached a sample that should work. There might be an easier way, but this is how I've done it.

- Create the extrusion
- name each dimension (i.e. length and width)
- Create the various configurations which you need, and change the dimensions for each configuration
- Create a simple equation such as X=Length*Width
- Create a new file property such as Area=X (X coming from the above equation

As you toggle through different configurations, the area property will update. It will also show up in the Bill of Material for your pricing calculations.

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I don't have 2016 version, anyways thank you very much.
Meanwhile I found some explanation,, but it doesn't explain for a multisized and configurated part.
I confirm the procedure is to create a formula in the equations folder, which will lead an additional item into the configuration manager properties. The for all the configured size/length (whateverer formula) need to repeat the input.
I didn't test when the sub-assembly gets modified in a bigger assembly. This leads formula out of context in the sub-assembly. I think that I've to give some temporary value referred to the local dimensions and recall the dimensions in the bigger assembly and modify them accordingly.

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It still a bit unknown for me, about inserting the sub-assembly cost in the bigger assembly :-)
I'll try some effort.

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