How to set rotation point on a model in inventor?

Hi! I wonder if there is a way to set a piviot point on a part in an assembly in inventor? I want to rotate a part through a selected point and not the "center" of this part.

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2 Answers

if you press "G" to free-rotate the part, it will always orbit around the center of that part's envelope.

if you want to rotate that arm (to test the location) you have to constrain it to something. if you don't have any part behind it to "insert"-constrain it, but you want to test this location, you can always do this...

1. "ground" that arm - fix it in position
2. insert a washer and "insert"-constrain that to this arm. that will locate the rotation axis.
3. now "ground" the washer and remove the ground constraint from the arm

the arm should now be able to rotate about the axis of the washer when you click-and-hold one end and drag it around...

hope this helps :)

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