how to set up jedi lightsabre "blade" material

I want to make lightsabre but i have no idea how to set up lightsabre "blade" material in keyshot. is there anybody who can help me?

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Hi Ivan
you could try Keyshot and emissive materials
and then do something with the environment lighting

or if you have 3D's Max my friend in class done this LightSabre concept

and I am sure he would help you out with the materials

sorry couldn't be any more help but I hope this helps you out a little.

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emissive is what i am using, but it does not give that lightsabre effect ... i do not have 3D max :(

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For what I know the light saber effect is accomplished easier in photoshop starting off something like this...

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Hi there Ivan, I just saw your Jedi lightsaber, I think enabling Bloom effect under the Realtime tab will get you closer to the effect you're looking for ...

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Ivan, did it work for you? if not, try this texture with Bloom enabled and try to play with the settings ... I got it from KeyShot forum ...

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