How to setup heat transfer in Solidworks Flowsimulation

Hello all,

I'm working on my friend graduating project, its about a parabolic mirrot that collect sun rays and reflect them on pipe to heat water and generate steam
a built a small design for simulation to reduce calculation time.

i tried many settings but i couldn't make any radiation from sun to mirror then pipe, i tried to make heat source instead of sun on mirror but the heat cannot transfer to pipe.. maybe i'm missing some tricks in setting up the simulation.

can anybody help me in both situations (Sun radiation, and Heat source).

I'll be very appreciative .


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2 Answers

Thanks Fahad for the replay
i want to calculate water temp on outlet of the pipe
i want to make the mirror radiate from solar radiation (SUN) and reflect all rays to the pipe to heat it and transfer the heat to water
these pictures for the setup process...

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what are you trying to calculate? water's temperature after x minutes or thickness of insulations etc.?

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