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How to shell this at 1.8mm on the OUTSIDE?

By christopher manzo on 20 Dec 03:11 1 answer 460 views 1 comment

Hey all, I am using Inventor 14pro and need to shell this body 1.8mm on the OUTSIDE. It gives me an error message about a vertex being too small. Making the shell thin (down to .05mm) does not fix the problem. Making smartphone cases, so the geometry is needed to project out from this body. Thoughts?

Cheers, C


Case_Shell_NEXUS_5_2013-12-20_V2.ipt, 283 KB

1 answer

  • W. Holzwarth
    W. Holzwarth over 3 years ago

    Hi Chris,
    a workaround (Split into two bodies) did it. See file.


    Case_Shell_NEXUS_5_2013-12-20_V2-WH.ipt, 679 KB

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