How to show cosmetic threat on rendering outputs?

I always use insert-->annotiatons--> Cosmetic threat. for threating. Just because it's fully compatibility on drawings. But it doesn't work with the renderings. How can i change them to schematic threats from cosmetic, when rendering?

And please see this model
Pulling Tool

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To get a cosmetic thread, use appearances, miscellaneous, pattern, select screw thread. Apply to selected face. With RealView on, make a screenshot.
To make a render with PV or external app, you need to add that appearance in the program where you want to do the render. In SW 2012 where PV is integrated, the appearance can't be added to do the render with cosmetic thread.
I suppose you can't avoid the helix and swept cut to create a model that can be rendered to give you a realistic thread appearance. Later, you can always suppress the thread to reduce the file size and rebuild time of the part.

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