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how to show sheet metal dimentions in drawing.

By H.U.Manupriya on 24 Apr 07:24 2 answers 1552 views 0 comments

I have create a drawing with sheet metal and weldments. when i create bill of material and weldments cut list it not shows dimensions of required sheet metal (length and width). What is point i wont to consider for this requirement.Thank you.


tabale.SLDPRT, 1.18 MB
tabale.SLDDRW, 410 KB

2 answers

  • H.U.Manupriya
    H.U.Manupriya over 4 years ago

    Hi Eckhard,
    Thank you for your answer. My problem is with solidworks drawing bill of material and cut list. One of them i wont to show the dimensions of required sheet metal. It mean what is the size i wont to take for fabricate the sheet metal part like length*width*thickness of plate.

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