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How to show Tracing Labels in draft area

By Rodolfo Coneglian on 12 Jan 11:26 8 answers 561 views 2 comments

Hi my friends

I come to here, to ask a little help with application tracing labels and pictures in parts and assembly’s model.
In my case I have many surfaces to apply labels and pictures, these applications are made in the modeling area (parts and assembly’s).
When I use the drafts area the pictures inserted do not appear, this happens only when I use the Frame model (Lines) (show the picture Below)
Well, when I use the surface mode, the tracing picture appear.
I can’t use this pictures like sketch, because I have many surfaces with difference angles.

Please, anybody could help me?


Rodolfo Coneglian

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Square Square Square

8 answers

  • Roger-Marie Couture
    Roger-Marie Couture over 1 year ago

    I remember I had this problem a long time ago. The solution I favor and which I think is pretty simple:
    Add decals shaded mode in the part. assign white to the part. When you add views in the drawing display the shaded mode. The paper of the drawing appears slightly grayish but printing your layout plan is like wireframe with decals included.

    Do not forget that you can put a transparent picture on a surface. See SW help for removing background.

  • bhavik vaghasiya
    bhavik vaghasiya over 1 year ago

    you want to be write name on part using pictures and labels?

  • bhavik vaghasiya
    bhavik vaghasiya over 1 year ago

    first of all you will open new part and than go to tools -sketch tools-sketch pictures . and than select pictures . after that you tracing all the pictures .
    after that copy the all line or curve . now to open your model and select surface where you plot pictures. after select surface to go edit sketch and then paste .
    use the moving tools for adjust the pictures .

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