How to simplify this geometry that has loads of facets ?

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I have a geometry that have imported with a lot of facets in solidworks , but I need to take out a simple geometry with simple lines but with less effort , shall you please tell me how to ? I did already some corrections in the stp file but you can check the igs file

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Create a new extrude feature based on the import.

Select the face of the part to start your sketch and convert entity while this face is selected. This will give you a perimeter sketch that has all the facets that you want to get rid of .

Then on each faceted area, window all the facet segments and use the sketch command 'fit spline' to replace all the facets with a single approximate spline curve.

Once you're done with that, extrude up to the opposite face of the part, don't forget to un-check 'merge result'.

Finally, 'delete body' on the faceted body and you're left with the repaired part.

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'delete face' is also sometimes pretty good for getting rid of small patch surfaces or slivers of geometry that can be difficult to get rid of with cuts or extrudes.

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