how to simulate gears in catia?

I have modelled two gears. How do I mesh constrain them and simulate them in catia?

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video tutorials:
CATIA - DMU Kinematics Gearbox WIP

Spur Gear Simulation in Catia V5 DMU Kinematics

and this could be useful before starting simulation!

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Do you mean FEM simulation or kinematic? If you want kinematic simulation you should use DMU Kinematics module (Digital Mockup). You have to make new mechanism, add properly joins, if you restrict the degrees of freedom, Catia will inform that mechanism can be simulated.

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I mean kinematic simulation. I have used DMU kinematics to simulate a slider crank mechanism and quite a few mechanisms but how do I add constraints for a gear?? I donot know how the constraints for a gear are added.

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