How to simulate thermal expansion under the sun temperature

I have set a simulation to verify the tested results but it ain't show the real values.

The study is to find the thermal expansion of the normal weight concrete. The examined study started at 28 °C at 10:30 am and finished at 02:30 pm. It was around 4,5 hours under the sun with the initial temperature of 28 °C and at 2:30 pm it was 43.5 °C. The measured thermal expansion value is 2,5 mm.

While simulating with the same consitions on Solidworks simulation it gives very little values such as 0.2E-001.

Does any one did a similar study on Solidworks? I have already used the another values like thermal expansion co-efficient, thermal conductivity and specific heat.

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My Friend, SolidWorks is an MCAD program - Thermal, FEA and CFD featurs that are offered are meant to entice people to buy SolidWorks ( they are not alone, other MCAD companies do this too). You are using the wrong tool for the job. Look into open source thermal analysis software online and if you have extra money - get a copy of COMSOL Multiphysics - they are the most reasonable and their software is not too difficult to learn. Please stay away from SolidWorks if you are doing academic/thesis work involving CFD, FEA or Thermal analysis.

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