How to simulate twisting of a product by its own weight in Inventor Pro?

Hi master, if I have a big structural product built by steel, how do I know how much it will twist (deflect) under its own weight? This in normally happen when I start to lift that product during assembly, its twisted. I know, something not sufficient, might be stiffener, material thickness and so on. But again, how do I check it in Inventor Pro? Do I need to simulate the event of lifting, for instance?

The product has rectangular size with 4m (h) x 2m (w). Really appreciate of your opinions. Thanks

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Basta usar o ambiente Stress Analysis, nele você adiciona seu material, indica onde será o ponto fixo(por onde vai prender por exemplo), indica o sentido da gravidade e pronto ao rodar a simulação lhe serão mostrados os resultados.

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