How to sketch a feature that has a radius in Solidworks?

Hello All,

I am new to Solidworks and any CAD software. I am trying to sketch a gauge 1 model steam locomotive frames. I figured out most of it except for the one shown in the attached picture. I have highlighted in red. How do I go about creating this sketch that has a curve with radius 1/2 inch?

Thank you

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There are arc tools in SolidWorks. Three point, Tangent, and Centerpoint. I think three point will be the easiest to start with.
But you could also sketch a circle, attach it to the lines, and then use the trim tool to delete the unwanted remaining portion.
Dimensions on an arc are applied the same way as you'd dimension a circle (with the smart dimension tool). Arcs are defined with a radius by default, circles with a diameter, but those default behaviors can be overruled.

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